Dear attendees of the Sencha Community Days 2019!

We’re one week away from the conference! Before we welcome you to three days packed with sessions, workshops and networking, we’d like to give you a few important updates. Please read carefully! If you have any question, drop us a line at


Meet & Greet

On tuesday evening, 19:00 o’clock, we welcome you at Anno 1516, a bar located directly across the conference venue. Free drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) until 21:00 o’clock! We expect a thirsty bunch of speakers as well as attendees. Be there or be square!


Workshop Duration & Seats

The Testing and the Theming workshops are both 3 hrs long. The Referencing Components & Package Agnostic workshops are both 2 hrs long.

We still have some seats available for all workshops! Please drop us a line if you’re interested in a specific workshop, and we’ll try to put you in. You might still be able to catch a seat during the conference, but this is not guaranteed. We’ll try to consider late registrations first.


Testing Workshop

We’re happy to announce that Mats Bryntse helps us out with resource planning and is taking over the Testing Workshop from Thorsten Suckow-Homberg! You’ll get hands-on experience related to ExtJS-testing from the creator of Siesta himself! If you don’t know Mats yet, make sure you check out his speaker interview.


Theming Workshop

We have collected the information about the registrations for the Theming Workshop. We’d like you to pay attention to the fact that this workshop is in german. If any of you registered accidently and wants to bail out, let us know.


Software Requirements for Training & Workshops

He’re are the requirements for all of our workshops as well as the Pre-Conference-Training:

  • Please make sure you have Sencha ExtJS 6.7 installed. If you don’t have a commercial license, you canĀ download the trial version from the official Sencha Site.
  • Please make also sure Sencha CMD >= 6.7 is running on your machine.
  • Both the Pre-Conference-Training as well as the Testing Workshop will make heavy use of Siesta, the Testing Tool from Mats Bryntse. You can get Siesta here: – no need to install the Software, just make sure you have it downloaded on your computer.


Meet the Experts

We’ll have two new slots where you’ll have the chance to get in a more formal contact (if “formal” is even possible after the community event) with us , Sencha and the speakers: On Thursday, at 09:00 o’clock, as well as 15:45 o’clock, we have one conference room reserved for you to present us your ideas or ask for help with current software development issues you’re facing. It’s also a great place to give feedback to the speakers and ask questions about a session and/or a workshop. This event will not be moderated – organizers and speakers will be roaming through the room. We’ll try to make sure all of your questions get answered. If you have no questions, come for the coffee and just hang around with us!


Q&A with Atanas Popov

Atanas Popov, General Manager of Embarcadero Technologies, is a passionate technologist with deep experience in product development, marketing and sale. He will be attending the conference. If you’d like to meet him and ask a few question related to current technologies, Idera and Sencha, please get in contact with Ellen Fischer, Country Manager D/A/CH for Sencha, and schedule an appointment.


Community Event (aka Conference Party)

Please make sure you’re not missing out on our great community event on wednesday, 19:30 o’clock, at Carls! Read everything you need to know about it here!


Food Allergies / Intolerances

We’re preparing lunch during the conference for you, as well as a the dinner at our Community Event. If you need to let us know about a specific food allergy / intolerance, please reach out to us!


Updated Schedule

With the help from the speakers, we have updated the schedule! You should be safe to create your personal roadmap for the sessions you’d like to attend!



See you soon!

Yours, the Sencha Community Days-Team