From the 9th to 11th of April we welcome you to Karlsruhe, the fan shaped city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
While attending the Sencha Community Days, Karlsruhe offers you Museums, Galleries and Theaters, best enjoyed with one or two glasses of Badischen Wein and Kässpätzle. With a vast amount of historically and cultural offerings, Karlsruhe is the best place to take some time off of the everchanging and fast moving life around you. Read through our tips and enjoy your stay during your time at the conference.




Getting there

…by Plane

If you’re travelling with a plane to Germany, you can either go to Airport Stuttgart (STR) or to Airport Frankfurt (FRA). Both airports are relatively close to Karlsruhe and if you’re getting a rental car, you should have no problems to reach Karlsruhe in a short time (see below). However, when you continue your trip using the train, we recommend that you pick FRA as the destination since it has convenient access to a train station directly at the airport. There is an ICE going from Frankfurt Airport directly to Karlsruhe without the need to switch trains. For further informations, refer to the airport’s webpage at and make sure you pick your train connection at (see below for more information on train connections)

…by Car

If you decide to take the car to arrive at the venue, you shouldn’t have to much of a problem finding the right Autobahn (Highway) which leads into Karlsruhe – that would be the “A5”. The Novotel (our conference venue) has indoor as well as well-lit open space parking places to make sure you can park your car there. However, there are lots of building sites in Karlsruhe which makes it a slight challenge to go through the city. If you have a GPS in your car that has the current traffic situation mapped it should safely navigate you through the city to your destination.

…by Train

The Deutsche Bahn sends their high speed trains (ICE) as well as their not-so-fast counterparts (RB, RE, IC) directly to the main station in Karlsruhe. For getting a train ticket, you can order them online by visiting If you’re travelling with an ICE/IC, make sure you also opt for seat reservations. Also, patience is often needed when travelling with Deutsche Bahn since their trains are often too late, too early or not coming at all. Sadly, this is not a joke. Delays from 10 – 60 minutes during the roush hour are not uncommon.


Tourist Information / Surroundings (Schwarzwald)

Oh, Black Forest. Myths grow around it, the forested mountain range in Baden-Württemberg. If you’re an outdoor/nature enthusiastic, you don’t want to skip on a tour through this beautiful landscape, visiting one of the old timbered houses deep in the forest, getting a Bollenhut, and it would be a shame to leave Baden-Württemberg without a Kuckucksuhr.
For more information, here are a few links worth to look at. First off, the Wikipedia article about the Black Forest: Then, the Karlsruhe Tourist information, which should be your first address if you’re looking for any kind of activity, event or extended travel information:



As much as we’d like to offer you a hot sun (beating down), we’ll most likely have a mix of every kind of weather there is. There is a german saying that goes by “Der April macht was er will” (something like “April does whatever it wants”) and that hits the nail on the head on what to expect. In April, we have usually everything: Snow, rain, sun, storms, and if we’re lucky we have all of it in one day within an hour, rinsing, repeating. So, the April-weather in Germany can be very chaotic, that’s why we neither suggest swimsuits nor winter jackets in your travel luggage – just make sure you have at least one of each with you to be on the safe side!

Let us know if you have further questions!


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