Buckle up, it’s Community Event Night!

Whether it was a pool party or a rented Theme Park – the Community Events of the previous Sencha Conferences never failed to amaze us! We’re trying to keep up with that tradition and invite all attendees to join us on the 10th of April, 2019, at Carls Wirtshaus in Karlsruhe, where we will make sure you’ll get a taste of good german beer and neither stay thirsty nor hungry for too long! You’ll have room and time for (re-)connecting with the community, changing ideas, networking and enjoying live music.

You can get more information about Carls on their Website: https://www.carls-wirtshaus.de/

Entry Fee for April 10th

Your entry is free with your conference ticket. If you want to bring a person who’s not attending the conference, please let us now so we can plan ahead. We’ll most likely not have an evening box office.

Make sure you contact us in case you have any questions!

How to get there

The address is Alter Schlachthof 51, 76131 Karlsruhe. There are lots of parking spaces around the Wirtshaus in case you are coming by car.

If you decide to take the train from our venue, make sure you catch Line 6 (direction: Hirtenweg) at the station Volkswohnung/Staatstheater. You need to get out at Tullastrasse. In case you want to take the same route to get back to the Hotel, the last train (6, direction: Daxlanden) leaves at 00:55 o’clock at Tullastrasse.
No rental, no train? No worries – there are plenty of cabs available in Karlsruhe in case you prefer to be driven by car.


Stay tuned for more updates regarding our Community Event!