Nils Dehl

Nils is a Senior Developer and Trainer at dkd Internet Service GmbH in Frankfurt. At the Sencha Community Days, he will be workshopping about referencing ExtJS components and introduce you to dynamic package loading in his session. Besides being an expert developer, he’s also mastering a work-life balance that consists of family and sports. Here’s how!




Thorsten:  Hi Nils! You’re a long time ExtJS user and you’ve been around the framework for quite some time, making yourself a name as a professional developer. Do you still remember when and why you stumbled across the framework?

Nils: It was over ten years ago, in times of ExtJS Version 2.x, where we built applications for the TYPO3 CMS based intranet of the Deutsche Telekom. We needed a framework the user interfaces, we choose ExtJS and I was the lucky guy which did the frontend JavaScript development.

Thorsten:  You’re working as a Senior Software Developer and Trainer at dkd Internet Service GmbH, which is pretty well known for their services around TYPO3, which you already mentioned. Why don’t you share a typical work day with us? What’s the first thing you’re doing at your desk, and what’s the last before putting the lights off?

Nils: I’m working in a small team doing 100% JavaScript application development and consulting. On most days I work remote or on-site with our clients on their ExtJS or Vue.js applications. In my role as a JavaScript expert I help with the application architecture, do code reviews, mentor other developers or just write code.
I start my day by checking my tasks, starting my IDE and communication channels like mail and phone. Working often remote it’s very important to be in short communication cycle with the clients remote teams. You know “it’s all about communication” (smiles). After day of work described above, I push my latest code changes to the SCM, sum up the work results and communicate them to the client.

“I really like the community spirit of conferences and meetups. I learned and still learn a lot from others, by the way you should never stop learning.”

Thorsten: You will be presenting a session about dynamic package loading with ExtJS and on top of that offer a workshop to the conference attendees. What drives you to pass on your knowledge and: Do you feel – as a developer – you’ll be ever done with learning?

Nils: I really like the community spirit of conferences and meetups. I learned and still learn a lot from others, by the way you should never stop learning (smiles). Sharing my own knowledge at conferences or at the dozens of trainings feels really god. Especially when you see how you help and motivate others and gets feedback.

Thorsten: You’re also part of the Sencha MVP Program. What role dou you see for yourself being an MVP?

Nils: Be there as expert, sharing my knowledge, for example on conferences like this one.

Nils in the dkd headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

Thorsten: Do you feel like the changes made to the ExtJS framework during the recent iterations have changed the way you’re setting up and implementing an ExtJS application? What became easier, what is still rather clumsy in your eyes?

Nils: With the tooling, features like packages, MVVM, binding etc. you can build huge applications with clean structured code. I only can recommend to do so :). May be the power of such a big mature framework is also the down sight: Because it is so complex it’s hard to learn and to handle in a clean way. But for that we meet all at the Sencha Community Days to share our knowledge.

Thorsten: What do you think the framework could benefit the most from?

Nils: Make it easier to learn and keep up with the new technologies the other frameworks use.

Thorsten: I see you’re also a dedicated cook, photographer and crossfitter! What’s your secret to your work-life balance? Got any tips to share?

Nils: I’m working 80% part time. Having time for the family is great. Doing a job which I love and organising my work tasks nearly by my own is awesome. So whats the secret? Do what you love to do? (smiles) Let’s discuss this in Karlsruhe together!

Thorsten: Definitely, we can’t wait to see you there. Thank you very much Nils!

Nils: Anytime!