Since 2004 I have been working as a freelancer in the IT sector.
In 2009 I was asked to develop a hybrid app for the Hamburg trade fair, which was later to be uploaded into the App Stores.
Looking for a framework I ended up at Sencha Touch. For the next 4 years I searched for comparable or better frameworks, but I ended up at Sencha again and again.
After that I worked with ExtJS in modern and classic.
For years I was very active in the Sencha Forum and in 2017 a Sencha employee approached me and so ended up working for Sencha, looking after Sencha customers.
My job included implementation, upgrades (from 3 plus), team lead as well as all other questions around Sencha frameworks.
In early 2018 Idera took other ways of customer care, so I am working as a freelancer again.